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Thread: Found New Home for bf2

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    Quote Originally Posted by capt-kevlar View Post
    Ive found a new home for my bf2 addiction,Yes excessive its =FART=
    I saw that crap. Dude Epic lame. I will always luv you but now I will gun you down on purpose. U tell Brimmer he needs to learn to use a new gun. He is the worst team player. He rather use rockets on people than a tank taking out his whole team.

    The =JPN= can and has distroyed =Fart=. As far as i am conserned =JPN= owns that server. Brimmer just keeps it busy for us.

    Erbody knows that those fart guys suck. They have a great "lets do our best" attitude, but they always get owned in their own server.


    I am glad you found consistant players that you can play with. That is what makes bf2 fun. They run an excellent server. Their Admins are great and there vent is home to many WoW players.

    Unlike sR, the admins get the server started not their members and it is starting to run 24hrs a day.

    Enjoy your new home but knowing Fart, your now the best player.
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    Come on the ass wooping is about to commence.T bag in full affect,I admit there are some players that are not that great but the sqds are fun to play in and some of the guys are pretty good.Mistainvesta is a great player hes one of those support whores.We even got a porn chick playing.Brimmer is a at whore just like stu used to be.See you on the serv lots of fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by capt-kevlar View Post
    Come on the ass wooping is about to commence.T bag in full affect
    Quote Originally Posted by The Art Of Teabagging: The Ultimate Guide
    Path #1: The whole enemy team a bunch of noobs? They have you in a rage? Teabag EVERYTHING. People, tanks, cars, ground defense, air defense, bombed out foxholes, EVERYTHING. It's your job to kill everything that moves, and since everything that moves has a noob in it, you HAVE to put them in their place, show them who is boss and make them think twice before they line you up in crosshairs. Teabag them until their body returns to the soil from which it came. Type things into the chat like "MMMmmm How these nuts taste bitch? More of where this came from in 15 seconds!" whenever necessary to get your point across.
    BF2S Forums / The Art Of Teabagging: The Ultimate Guide

    When I get the BF2 itch again Ill be joining you (just got GRID and cant peel myself away from it)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jfluff View Post
    I had my first experience at the original Super Duper Weenie today. It was pretty awesome.

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