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Thread: Operation7(MMOFPS) Closed Beta Key Giveaway

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    Operation7(MMOFPS) Closed Beta Key Giveaway

    Operation7 Closed Beta Key Giveaway
    Operation 7 is an online shooting game featuring a unique gun modification system. It decorates character to leave own weapon in direction fabricating(W.A.S) and the morning market directly, and alive battle is possible on-line FPS game in realistic map.
    In order to stand out from the competition, the developers of Operation 7 created a weapon assemble system which enables players to assemble and modify weapons. Players can replace barrel, butt, bolt and other components freely. And each component can use protective coloring. Each gun will vary in range and accuracy depending on the material is used. In addition, players' body movements while shooting, such as dashing or holding breath, will also influence destruction and accuracy.

    Real life maps are another feature of Operation 7. Shooting games either use famous battlefields or virtual scenes as their maps. But Operation 7 uses real life locations as its maps, for example Japan's Shibuya will appear in the game.
    To achieve gorgeous and diversified sound effects, Mgame incorporates more than 700 types of sound into Operation 7. Each character has seven decorative item slots in his inventory. He can change costume, helmet, goggle, etc. In addition, the character can wear camouflage coat to improve his disguising ability.

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    There's an ad for Combat Arms on the page. Which is also an excellent free FPS.
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