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Thread: Quakecon: Doom 2 and Quake (3) Arena going to XBLA!

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    Quakecon: Doom 2 and Quake (3) Arena going to XBLA!

    Although its been in developement for a while now, looks like Quake Arena Arcade (based off of Quake 3) is finally going to hit XBLA with Doom 2 (which includes a new episode)

    Quote Originally Posted by Joystiq
    Whilst roaming the halls of Quakecon and shooting everything in sight (with a camera), our friends at BigDownload spotted a heretofore unannounced Xbox Live Arcade version of id Software's FPS classic, Doom 2. According to Shacknews, the downloadable title is set feature all of Doom II's content, in addition to a new episode, 4-player local multiplayer and the usual online shootery. You can also expect an exciting doubling of barrels over the original Doom -- both of the exploding and shotgun varieties.

    Also spotted at Quakecon: a further proof of life from our long-anticipated friend, Quake Arena Arcade!
    Spotted at Quakecon: Doom II for XBLA
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    oooOOOO i like Doom 2. great multiplayer game. > Golden Eye, Halo, COD, BF, any of em.

    Q3A was fun and still is, but Quake Live is free, and probably will have better servers/server size.
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    dude!!! quake 3 CTF is amazing!

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    another thing to play doom 2 on? I have this thing on a myriad of devices already, including my MP3 player :s

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig View Post
    damn, that's big!

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