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Thread: Section 8 Beta Now Open To All

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    i think this is a fun game from what i played of it. its still a beta so it needs some tweaking, but what potential it has.

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    Putting this here just because:

    Section 8 Update Released
    PC Version 1.1

    • Automatch: several improvements to improve responsiveness and likelihood of finding a good match
    • Ranked Stats: fixed some issues with stats getting lost, new records now show at match end
    • Tank: Improved controls
    • Achievements: Fixed issues with not being awarded in certain situations
    • Projectiles: Improved behavior in high latency situations to be more reliable
    • AI: bots will now help defend human squadmates
    • Multiplayer: several improvements related to high latency situations

    • Heavy Tank controls were adjusted to make driving more intuitive. The main turret will now turn with the vehicle.
    • Modified vehicle FoV to show more of the vehicle's exterior.
    • Changed tank second seat name to "Minigun."
    • Tank corpses will no longer hover after they are destroyed.
    • Fixed situations where the Heavy Armor would display a knife kill icon instead of the fist icon.
    • Fixed a problem where players could exit a vehicle and end up inside of structures.
    • Removed an exploit that allowed users to increase the movement speed of vehicles by moving side to side.
    • Fixed a bug that would break the player's health display if they died while piloting a Heavy Armor.

    • Fixed bug where client and server would get out of sync about the equipped gear
    • Fixed a bug where a player's weapon could disappear after interrupting the set aside animation.
    • Fixed a bug where a player could lose the ability to switch weapons.
    • Fixed a bug where equipment would fail to function in high latency scenarios.
    • Fixed exploit which allowed using gear while sprinting.
    • Adjusted Friendly Fire Penalties for Weapons.
    • Shotgun in singleplayer gametypes will now have the same magazine size (7) as multiplayer gametypes
    • Slightly decreased the piercing damage dealt by the Machinegun rounds, and, the Assault Rifle's piercing rounds. This does not affect the Assault Rifle's non-piercing rounds.
    • Fixed a bug where the missile launcher's projectile would travel through certain game actors during low performance situations.
    • Mortars will now split and detonate more consistently on a target in high latency situations
    • Improved mortar targetting in certain situations.
    • Fixed the missile launcher's animation pop when zooming out immediately after firing.
    • Microsensors and Det Packs will now remain deployed if a player switches to another loadout which contains the Microsensor or Det Packs.
    • Shotgun and Machine Gun descriptions now indicate which feats they contribute to.
    • Fixed a problem with the knife where the equip animation would play after every attack.

    • Bots will automatically pursue targets that they have previously seen if they haven't seen them for a couple of seconds
    • Bots in your squad will follow and defend human players more aggressively, especially in swarm bot modes.
    • Added support for locking bots into squads
    • Bots will no longer auto-populate during conclusion mode at the end of a match.
    • Fixed a bug where bots would continuously join and leave a 12 player game set to the balanced 25% bot mode.
    • Improved bot intelligence.

    • Carried actors will now be returned to their starting location when they enter an unreachable location.
    • Fixed the problem that DCM UI shows as blank sometimes in laggy networking situations.
    • Convoy will now always be oriented with the dropship that is delivering it.
    • Fixed convoy DCM HUD showing "escort playerName" to players who joined server after DCM had started.
    • Adjusted DCM spawning behavior in regards to AA turret locations.
    • Reduced the amount of damage taken by DCM actors from AA turrets.
    • Fixed a problem where if a player was in the Convoy when the time limit ran out, they would exit the vehicle without a weapon.

    • Added a jump delay of .85 seconds
    • Fixed a problem where score could still accumulate during conclusion mode at the end of a match.
    • Fixed possible speed-hacking exploit
    • Resources will no longer be immediately replenished when a user interacts with a supply depot.

    • Increased Default Sensitivity from 35% to 40%.
    • Fixed a bug where players would occasionally auto-suicide when bringing up tac-net during campaign
    • Fixed a problem where players could interact with usable objects through walls in certain situations.
    • Replaced the scoreboard's graphical ping display with a numerical ping display.
    • Made TacNet spawn tab default to the previous spawn method when opened using a gamepad.
    • The loadout screen will now automatically close if the player moves too far away from the supply depot.
    • Loadouts screen now has number keys on PC. Keys can be used to select corresponding loadouts.
    • Restricted all gamepad inputs from being rebound in configure bindings screen.
    • Updated Right side of Loadouts screen to avoid Passive icon overlapping.
    • Fixed a problem where the brightness of the in-game cinematics affected the brightness of the Games for Windows - LIVE interface.
    • Updated bindings settings to allow binding a key to weapon swap.
    • Updated bindings settings to allow binding a key to cycle through zoom levels.
    • Lock On no longer targets structures
    • Lock-On now aborts when line of sight is lost
    • Dropping: improved accuracy of the braking threshold

    • Fixed mouse wheel closing purchasing rather than cycling through purchasables if scrolling mouse wheel immediately when it opens.
    • Fixed a problem where the purchasing menu would flash red when closing it.
    • Purchasing limits have been updated to allow players to destroy their own previously purchased items when the team has reached its limit.
    • Changed purchasing beacon to always be oriented vertically.

    • Fixed a bug where the user's camera would get stuck in Warmup Matinee Mode.
    • Added a new death camera view for when you are killed by a falling object.
    • Fixed a bug related to death cam that was caused by a player dying in overdrive.
    • Fixed bad third person camera if entering conclusion mode while dropping. Also fixed similar behavior if entering conclusion mode while on tacnet screen.

    • Automatch: several improvements to reduce time to get into a game, and to fix situations where automatch would fail despite servers being available.
    • Updated browser/automatch to retrieve a list of servers prioritized by not-empty vs. empty
    • Fixed a crash which occurred when a user searched for a game while not signed in to Games for Windows - LIVE
    • Autobalance option is now grayed out on the server setup screen for game modes that can't use autobalance.

    • Fixed bug that was capping the number of favorite servers to 9 instead of 10.
    • Updated browser to sort by ping in ascending order (not descending) after first click on the ping column header
    • Fixed issue with missing error message when entering a player limit that is too large on Browser search filters.
    • Fixed a problem where the server browser would return fewer than 50 search results when more were available.
    • Server search results are now prioritized by player count.

    • Fixed a stats problem where time played was being doubled.
    • Records are now shown in Conclusion Mode.

    • Disconnection messaging will now include a reason for the disconnect.
    • Corrected some problems related to adjusting the number of bots after changing the bot mode.
    • Added the "RemovePassword" command for PC server administrators.
    • Added a map cycle validation check during server launch to prevent servers from being launched with an invalid map cycle.

    • Updates to Section 8 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.
    • The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
    • Fixed a bug where certain achievements would occassionally not unlock when the player reached the target value.
    • Fixed a problem where users would fail to connect to Section 8 Online when signing in to Games for Windows - LIVE before the main menu.

    • Fixed a bug where text overlapped in Italian for "Reset Loadout."
    • Moved Italian text "For Expert Users" so it is next to the "custom" install option.
    • Changed French host
    • Fixed translation of French "Kicked for idling" message.
    • Updated the "With all due Haste" achievement descriptions in French and Italian.

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