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Thread: Halo 3: Dante's Inferno?

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    Halo 3: Dante's Inferno?

    Halo 3: ODST is a game we haven't talked much about here at strafeRight, but recently there's been a lot of discussion and analysis of the game after one player pointed out its parallels to Dante's Divine Comedy.


    Quote Originally Posted by Danves
    The Rookie has crash landed into a building, has been knocked unconscious, and has awoken later to find himself alone in the city. The city is now quite literally Hell on Earth. But the Rookie is not truly alone. He has a guide through this hell, the SuperIntendent.

    Spoiler:Through the audio logs in the campaign, we come to find that the name of the SI is actually VERGIL. And you may have noticed that audio logs are all labeled "# Circle," all the way up to 9. Interesting.

    In the Divine Comedy, specifically the Inferno, Dante is guided through Hell by the Roman poet, Virgil. Hell consists of nine circles, each more horrible and punishing than the last. The circles of Hell spiral down into the Earth, to it's very core.
    Spoiler heavy discussion after the link, but's an interesting read. : Halo 3: ODST Forum : Little did you know, you all just played through an epic poem, hah!

    One poster even mentions Bioshock. Has Bungie created a game of equal depth and slipped it in under the radar?

    Quote Originally Posted by DWall View Post
    go back to eating your jesus eggs.

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    Pretty interesting; though isn't there a true Dante's Inferno game coming out?

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    reminds me of Quake 2 more,

    pod ship onto the planet , check.
    pod ship gets wrecked , check,
    have to find survivors from the drop, check.

    When I first started playing I felt like I was playing quake 2 again.

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    The new dauntes inferno game by EA -> Visceral Games (Developer of Dead Space), game looks amazing! It doesn't come out til February I think (PS3,360,PC), so I am going for Dragon Age Origins First.

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    Clone Thread.

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