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Thread: Activision: We Are Raking It In With CoD

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    Activision: We Are Raking It In With CoD

    Like them or not for the MW2 fiasco, Activision is claiming sales in excess of $3 billion for the entire Call of Duty series.

    Now Activision has another trophy to add to the shelf. According to Reuters, the Call of Duty series – which includes Modern Warfare 2, along with Call of Duty: World at War and others – has surpassed $3 billion mark in global retail sales. That $3 billion comes from the estimated 55 million Call of Duty units that have been sold since 2003, when the series launched.

    “If you consider the number of hours our audiences are engaged in playing Call of Duty games, it is likely to be one of the most viewed of all entertainment experiences in modern history,” Activision Chief Executive Bobby Kotick said in a statement. The $3 billion figure is based on internal company figures, and data from a handful of tracking firms, including NPD group.
    I surely have helped them grow this number over the years, but I'm still having a hard time justifying the tax associated with MW2. It just seems too expensive for 3-5 hours of a single player experience.

    Call of Duty series sales top 3 billion, Activision says |

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    MW2 is simply about multiplayer. they could easily have not had one minute of single player and probably only lost 10% of sales.

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    where does 3 bill stand as far as highest grossing series for video games?
    does it beat zelda, mario, halo, ect...?
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    i love how pompous some game companies get when there title breaks some sales records, sorry IW, you didnt create "one of the most viewed of all entertainment experiences in modern history". Unless the scope of "modern history" has changed to the last 5 years.

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    Just add dedicated servers and it will be forever considered the best game ever made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teck View Post
    Just add dedicated servers and it will be forever considered the best game ever made.
    Bold statement, but its hard to disagree w/ u teck.

    SP story was pretty nice, game looks good, can't buy it til im done w/ school or I'll fail the semester.
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    good for them, now donate some more of that to the troops.

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