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Thread: Left4Dead 2 Versus: What Do You Like & Dislike?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaMercYellowDog View Post
    Wazzup guys, glad to see yall are giving L4D2 a run. Hunter told me I needed to get my Arse by the SR forums and see whats up, been a while since i've been by.

    Anywho, to chime in on the subject, the biggest grip i have with versus mode, is the fact the charger can basically remove a survivor from the mix in one charge if he runs them off a building bridge or what have you. Don't get me wrong, when I manage to pull that off I have that Hell Ya moment, but I think its a little unfair that you CAN take your opponent down W/O working for it first. Prior to the Charger you had to work real hard to pin someone down and kill them in 1 attack.

    i said that already lol yes its kinda unfair look at what i did
    Quote Originally Posted by VincentVega View Post
    I got played by henry, wtf!

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    yep, an easy kill if you get a little bit of drop on them with the right setup.

    "insert sarcasm"
    Hey I got it, they need to add a grappling hook to for the survivors. So all you got to do is throw it back to the window ledge before you hit the ground.

    problem solved
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