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Thread: Fired up CSS for the first time in...

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    Re: Fired up CSS for the first time in...

    Quote Originally Posted by DennyCrane View Post
    Henry, ya know I like ya... but you just weren't that epic in CS:S.
    i was avarage. i know, and i wasnt lagging at that time.
    but this guy is anoying me.
    we can go back and forth over epic or not i dont care.
    but dwall is getting the delusion of me lagging in css days. that is complete BS.
    and i like you too one of few people i got respect for man.
    anyways im going to bed ill se what he says tomorow
    Last edited by henry; 10-17-2010 at 07:40 PM.
    Quote Originally Posted by VincentVega View Post
    I got played by henry, wtf!

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