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Thread: UT99SniperAreneaMutatorPack !!! for 2k4

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    UT99SniperAreneaMutatorPack !!! for 2k4

    UT99SniperAreneaMutatorPack !!! Release2k4
    This is Version 1 of our Ut99 style Sniper Arena LowG mutator pack. It includes detailed instructions on setting up your 2k4 server to make it as close as possible to how it feels in ut99 low g sniper arena.

    This pack includes 3 mutators.

    1. SGLXLowGrav --- This brings that ut low grav feel to 2k4 (my first mut WOOT!!!)

    2. UtClassicMutator-- This is included in game, but you were unable to select arena, and utclassic at the same time. With this mutator, it puts it in the checkable mutator list. Your able to shut off double jump with it. No more people floating around your head. (This mutator was done by Devilman, I left in his readme, there was no contact info. I did not change anything with this mut. It was perfect as is. I hope he doesnt mind me including it in this pack.)

    3. SGLSniper Rifle This is v1. Has a slight alpha issue with scope. Will be fixed in next version, but working very well. Like ut, but better. It has dimming removed, utstyle boost. Ut firerate. It is based with permission on Asswaxers rifle. Big thanks to tuc bigballs. Couldnt of done it withough you man. Thanks Asswaxer for getting me started, and letting me use your modified code. (my Second mut. WOOT WOOT!

    This pack is not to be renamed, nor are the mutators. Any person, server, clan, or league is free to use this mutpack, and Id like to see it become the standard come march 27th for the final release. Im working with many people in the sniper community to make this as perfect as possible. Ryan

    Oh all of this is running for you to test at Stop by and enjoy the 99 feel with the 2k4 style. WOOT!!


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    Figured Id release this to anyone over here interested. :banana: :banana:

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