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Thread: Delta Force: Blackhawk Down players

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    Delta Force: Blackhawk Down players

    Is there a way to install the game where you don't need the disk to play it off your computer.

    I did the large install and I can't play the game unless the disk is in the drive.
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    Hmm, i dont know of the legality but RdLdr1's dark tip for you is to look for a 'cracked' DF:Black Hawk Down .exe file so you can run the game without the CD. Since you own the game and dont want the hassle of the CD, I'm sure it'll be ok legal wise.

    Check out the cracked .exe file at
    Particularly Here:

    You pretty mucn need to download the 'cracked' file then just replace this for the original .exe file in the main directory.

    I personally bought the game cause a portion of the profit goes to some charity for veterans and their families.

    P.S. I cant play this game at all on my Area-51m cause of the ghosting problem to tell the truth. Those 'skinnies' are hard to see (its blurry) while blazing through on a humvee.
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