I just got CS: Condition Zero. I've been playing the original single player game mode for a couple days, and I had almost completed this part of the game. I had just completed more than half of the rounds. But I saw online that there was an excellent official update for the game, and its only available on Valve's Steam program.

I'd like to say, i followed the steps to 'integrate' the Steam program into the game so I can have the game updated and have the ability to play online. This was a BIG mistake. Steam had 'updated' some files, and now the game does not load at all, and I have to force quit the unplayable game.

So I decide to uninstall and re-install the game like anyone else with the same problem would. Little did I know, the uninstaller deletes EVERYTHING, including configurations and SAVED GAMES! So now all of my game playing has been rubbish :mad: , and Norton Unerase wizard does not help recover the saved games.

I'm officially now totally pissed at Valve and their crappy Steam program, and their horrible method of 'wrecking' the game code with Steam as the only possible way of getting the game updated. Shame on you Valve. :moon:

I looked on Steam's forums, and others have not been able to load ANY game either. So this is a warning to all of you Condition Zero owners.

I would appreciate any feedback and any help.