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Thread: B attle field mods

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    B attle field mods

    Hey, just looked at battlefield pirates, and was wondering:

    If i buy 1942, will i be impressed by the graphics? I don't know when it came out, but can someone give an idea of a few games that came out when it did?

    I am mostly interested in these mods that keep coming out. I mean, i bought COD thinking there would be some mods, and there are few. BF seems like it has some really kickass mods, and this pirates one looks sweet. Say i bought BF1942, can i just go and download all the mods for it for free? should i just buy the simplest ver of BF or get something else? Any help would be recommended. Thanks
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    the graphics are good, nothing great by todays standards(doom3) but good enough.

    and yes all you have to do to be able to get mods is buy the game.
    the mods are free

    get them at gamespy or

    the mods i play are
    Battlefield Pirates
    Eve Of Destruction (EoD)
    Desert Combat
    and a few others but these are what i recommed.

    the great thing about the mods is after you get tired of the original game you fire up a mod and its like getting a new game all over again.

    and since battlefield Vietnam was release there are mod teams developing mods for that now also.

    check ebay you can pick bf1942 up for cheap you wont be disapointed
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    Dont forget battlegroup 42...the best mod for bf1942 and ive tired almost all of them

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    Anything american or japanese? or maybe Korean?

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