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Thread: Doom3 disappointed

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    Doom3 disappointed

    I just got D3 and played the single player. Although it is scary and all... but something doesn't feel right about it. SO much hype for it, but something is missing i dont know what. Its not as fun playing through the first few levels. SOMETHING is missing. Maybe its because they didnt add the classic doom music or something, but whatever it is Doom3 doesn't seem all that worth the hype. Maybe a lil more gaming or change.

    Btw, this game is crazy, too dark and too many monsters. I need friend marines or some human dude so i can talk to. Or mount that goddamn flashlight on my helmet or something.

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    Maybe you were EXPECTING TOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Doom 3 is certainly everything I hoped it would be, which is a long, hard, and lonely trip through hell. If thats a good thing or not is certainly up for debate...
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    I've only played it for about an hour or so but so far I'm really enjoying it. Personally I love the flashlight situation. You have to slow down and take your time, and I'm enjoying every minute of it.
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    You do get help later on. Those spider bots help out by scouting out and machine gunning anything in their path.
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    come on guys, there were quite a few spoilers in here, should warn everyone else, please!! thankyou...
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