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Thread: GPU Drivers for Doom 3

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    GPU Drivers for Doom 3

    It seems everyone's using different drivers and having good/bad experiences with them while playing Doom 3.
    Was wondering if people that are having no problems would post the drivers they are using.
    4.5 omegas w/ the updated openGL from 4.7 omegas
    4.7 omegas
    ati catalyst 4.9 betas, or 4.8s
    stock drivers.

    thanks guys
    Laptop: Mitac 8050
    1.7GHz Dothan, 128mb ATI 9700 GPU, 60GB 7200rpm HDD, DVD/CDRW, Intel 2200B/G Wlan, 768mb.

    Permanent OC: 420/220 w/ 3DMark03: 3158
    3DMark03: 3657
    core: 465.75
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    The newest omegas. On my stock M6805
    I had trouble when I used the advanced OpenGL and FastWrite so I reinstalled without any advanced features and Now it runs fine at 800X600 in low. I haven't tried 1024X768 but I'm gonna oc and try them tonight. I'll edit with how it goes.

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    i have just vanilla 4.5s as of now, would like to get the 4.7 open gl but i can't seem to get it to work, could someone give a guide how to do it?

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