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Thread: I'll tell you what I miss...

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    I'll tell you what I miss...

    Do you remember when demons would fight each other in Doom and Doom2 via friendly fire? One of my favorite things to do in the world was to run into a room with imps and zombies, strafe around them, and watch them blow each other away, and then to finish of the victors....

    I wish you could do that in the new one. Perhaps I am growing too old, too nostalgic.


    Sometimes I can't tell if I miss the days when I played Doom, or I miss the game itself.


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    Well, one good thing is that doom iii is the closest of all newer games, to being like an older shooter, except the graphics/physics ofcourse.(i think so)

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    I dont know if any of you accually played painkiller or anything but when higher level demons see lower level ones(i dont know the name of the damned monsters) its grabs they lower level one and uses it as a sheild. i just thought that was pretty cool little feature, even tho they dont fight it seems good 2 mention..(P.S. if any of you play painkiller this happens in level 5 on like the venice type level near the end)

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