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Thread: Doom 3 scariest game ever made

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    Quote Originally Posted by OGREtheBUFFOON
    I still think that the scariest game EVER is mario 64. When you fight Bowser for the first time your soul freezes.

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    Well I just finished Doom 3 and I must say that it is not the scarriest game I've ever played. Maybe it was because I was younger, but Resident Evil 2 on the Playstation freaked me out 5x more.
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    I think the headcrabs jumping out of the dark was scary in Half-Life. They spread them out enough so if you go at a normal pace, they always take you by surprise.
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    you have to get the soul-warming cheat. otherwise, bowser is unstoppable. oh, i guess the mines in the corners work too, in a pinch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ungcas
    What about the original Alone in the Dark for the pc? That was a good one too.
    Remember playing that on my old Mac Performa. It actually had 3D polygons in an era of 2D sprites in games. Yes, that game was scary!

    I believe PC gamer had an article about the scariest PC games of all time. I would post up the list but the exact magazine is back home for me.
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    everyone is forgeting system shock 2 (EA Games, how I hate you so ... )

    plus, as long as you dont' use cheats (or cheating mods) doom 3the game is the scariest you'll ever play imo
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    yep, it's a crap-your-pants game for sure
    My favorite aspect so far is the obvious enormous amount of playtesting and perfecting ID did. I'm playing on Marine difficulty level and I find that there are many very challenging encounters that bring my armor and hit points way down, only to find a few rooms later that I get to stock up again. It's the ultimate gamemaker's goal, to give the player a sense of challenge (the prospect of dying) without discouraging the player (finding rewards around the corner).
    Bravo ID, bravo. :cheers:

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    some cool screenshots by me, here

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