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Thread: Steam Stinks! 1.5 Forever

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    Jul 2004

    Steam Stinks! 1.5 Forever

    Please tell me I am not the only one who hates Steam!!!!! These people are ridiculous, they don't realize what they have done. Even if you go to the Steam Support site people say, ohhh the problem isnt your computer, the problem is steam!! God I hate steam, look at what it did to my CS (Tear runs down left eye). Just getting angry at steam thats all.
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    You didnt tell us what it did to your steam.

    Anyways, no you are not alone in your hate for steam. I bought a copy of HL Platinum Edition a long time ago, and that came with 3 cd keys. Two of them were legit Half Life cd keys and the other was a cd key for CS-Retail version. I never used the cs-retail version because I just dl CS the mod for HL. When it finaly came time to try out steam, I tried using my two HL cd keys and none of them worked. I got mad, but then I thought to myself, "ah, no problem... I still have that unused/never been touched/still in its plastic wrapping copy of CS-Retail. I try it on steam... and guess what, it didnt work. :mad:

    Now they want me to send in my cds so that they can send me a new cd key. WTF?!

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    New York
    I have the fondest memories playing CS 1.1-1.5

    Now I play Condition Zero with bots and Steam can suck my a$$.
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    I hate steam too! But for the most part I have to put up with it since installing Condition Zero.

    So for now I'm patiently waiting the release of Counter-Strike: Source for the one perk of using steam.
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    Canada, Eh?
    Use 1.5 here. Agreed that Steam licks.
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    I see no problem with steam. I guess maybe it's system requirments may be a bit higher, but overall, I like steam better :saywhat: *awaits flaming*.

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    1.5 sucked. 1.1 and 1.2 (basically the same) > every other version
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    steam works fine, I instlaled it with a dif loging profile too so it doens't startup when windows does oto OWNAGE.

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    I don't have a problem with Steam, no problems at all here. Plus I get to play CS:S in a few hours :dude: :headbang: :banana: :awdance: :cheers:

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    Um, what exactly is the problem with steam 1.5? You guys talk about how it sucks so much, but how does it suck?
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