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Thread: Battlefield 1942

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    Battlefield 1942

    Seems to me that every Sager owner plays battlefield rather than searching info on the web about gameplay, id like your 'sagerite' input...

    1) The game looks freakin awesome....does every player have a choice of choosin between drivin a tank, flying a plane, soldier, sniper, paratrooper, or shooting from a ship.....Can this occur all in one map? Such that say this game were to go into the CPL (cyber professional league) each team would be as big as a football team consisting of specialty teams (sniper division, paratrooper, tank etc..playing on 1 map at the same time) Seems to good to be true...

    2) How big is each map, how is the game online with max 64 players especially with a sager ?? Id like to know how the game is like on the warfield in the beginning of Saving private ryan (forget the name of the location)

    Also any other stuff about the game that makes it as good as it is, would be great...


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    Dude, download the demo

    Seriously, the demo gives you a pretty good idea of what the game is, at it's core. Only 1 map, but a pretty good map. I think it is through GameSpy. Someone else can confirm.

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    Didn't that movie start out on Normandy? (aka Omaha Beach, D-Day, June 6th, 1944)?

    Anyway, you have your "choice" of what you want to operate (tank, plane, jeep, etc) but you have to get there - someone else can take it! Some vehicles have spots for multiple people (like the machine gun on the top of the turret of a tank).

    Plus, add the DESERT COMBAT conversion and the game really gets kicked up a notch!

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    A freakin' good game. Alao check out Eve of Destruction. Very good stuff. System specs have to be good to run it though. But don't worry, a sager runs it just fine :dude:

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    Get the Desert Combat mod! I personally think BF 1942 sucked until the Desert Combat mod came out. DC has apache, and Blackhawk helicopters, newer tanks... like the ones used in "the liberation" of Iraq. (dont ban me!!!) There is also a missile launcher truck thing, a scud missile launcher, and some hummers with either a TOW missile or machine gun on top. There are also some really neat aircraft like a Harrier jet, an F-16 and my favorite, the A-10 Warthog. DC also has newer weapons and different Soldiers: Sniper, Assault, Heavy Assault, Anti-armor, Support, and Special Ops. Snipers have of course a long range scope on a sniper rifle... Assault has an assault rifle with a 2 grenade, grenade launcher under the barrel; Heavy assault has a huge machine gun; Anti-armor has an RPG launcher and a really cheesy stinger missile launcher, he also has landmines; Support has a cool shotgun, artillery shells, a repair kit (to fix tanks, copters, etc) and a medic kit (heals himself and others.) last but not least Special Ops which has an assault rifle with a long range scope (pretty cool), he also has c-4 explosives which will destroy pretty much anything. Check it out, you wont be dissapointed... oh and you can get some practice on a buddy of mines server and password ... um well i dont know if im supposed to give it out but here goes its "stang". Hope this answers your questions.

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    Desert combat has sucked my life away! I LOVE IT! Hehe seriously, it's completely worth the d/l, and since it's free, it makes it even better.

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    Yea BF1942 is funny as hell. DC is tight but I havent played the newer versions. I mean where else can you and a buddie jump in a Jeep go into a combat zone, tanks, artillery, planes, etc. Capture a flag haul butt back to the spawn just to fly over a cliff thining it was solid ground below but alas, water. Swam to the coast, friend gets nailed by the plane (literally) guy jumps out I kill him and 3 tanks come over from the right and I am like "[censored]" of course I died but it was a funny death :cheers:

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    I play the Desert Combat mod. I like the game with my only complaint being the mouse sensitivity. I like to have it turned up really high in games and with BF1942, maxed out isn't enough.

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    True, that irked me too at first, I dunno its like there is a .02 second delay for me or something. I like fast mouse speeds too.

    Its actually fast though just the initial response time, I dunno might have been me, but its still possibly one of my all time favorites, other than Counter Strike and Americas Army.

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