LG: No Blu-ray player this spring, combo player in the fall?

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LG sent a memo to their dealers indicating that they have cancelled their BD199 player due to "uncertainty in the market". Without even stopping to mourn the BD199 that never was, they go on to say they expect to launch a combination Blu-ray/HD-DVD player by late summer or early fall.

A device that plays both formats would seem to be the holy grail of high def DVD's, but we seem to recall Samsung saying that due to licensing restrictions of both camps that it would be impossible to produce one. Now that AACS (copy-right protection) is somewhat settled, and Sony and NEC working together (although Samsung already similarly partnered with Toshiba), has something changed?

The real question seems to be is there any point in HDTV owners buying a first generation player if combination units are right around the corner.
Yet another reason people should buy dedicated, stand-alone players to play HD movies, and not base their gaming console decision on Blu-Ray/HD-DVD.