I'm surprised no one has posted about this so I'll do it.

I friend of mine turned me onto a product called the HDLoader , from ConsoleSource.com. What happens is you take a regular ATA HD, 120 GB maximum and insert it into the PS2. You must have the old, big box PS2 (not the slimline), and the network adapter.

Basically, you unscrew the network adapter, attach the HD, screw it back in, and insert the HD Loader disk. After formatting the drive, you can literally burn copies of games to the HD and never use the play disks again. Unfortunately, you can't save games to the HD like in an XBox, but I'd rather carry those little things around (for convience).


Now, I understand that this will, inevitablely, lead to a major flame war between copyright fights and anti-piracy speeches, but I'm only posting this to advertise the product (I bought one and it does work well), because I'd never concieved of doing something like this with console games.

Proof that it works:
GTA:SA - is burnable to the HD (4 GB).. Anyone who has placed any of the GTA games knows about the f***ing loading times during the beginning of the game and loading times between cities. Playing the game from a 40 GB 5400RPM Maxtor did the following:

Playing From DVD-ROM:
First load screen: 1 minute, 6 seconds

Playing From HD:
First Load Screen: 30 seconds

Still not impressed.. OK.. next game..

THUG2 - burnable to the HD (4 GB).. Doesn't take too long to load up with the DVD, but...

Playing from the CD:
First Load screen: 15-20 seconds..
Level Loads: Same

Playing From The HD:
First Load Screen: Load finished at halfway point
Level Loads: Same

There's a list of games that are compatiable with the HDLoader, and they can be found here: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/casey.m...patibility.htm

In short, this will allow you to copy games to your HD and load them MUCH faster than from a disk.. only cons are that it CAN/WILL be used wrongly and you can't save games to the HD.