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I prefer beam-type torque wrenches, and I do have a 1/2" one and a 1/4" drive one. Click type, I have 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4. Bought the 3/4 to put my trailer hitch together (260 ft-lbs). The hitch ball gets torque to 450 ft lbs. How do you measure that? You don't. I just put my impact gun on it and tightened the shit out of it.
Lol. If felt like something was wrong just going to 22lbs (of course, not doing it before - I'm not sure about what it's supposed to be like lol). the one I have clicks - so it was a relief when it finally made the nice 'click' sound that it was on! sheesh. - That'd be some kinda handle to push 450lbs lol.