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Thread: Suggestions for a good RTS?

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    I didn't much care for Dawn of War either, and I hated Rome: Total War. I did think WCIII was pretty good, but it didn't have enough population and such for my taste to make it a great game.

    Have you ever tried Age of Mythology. Can't remember if that is also a Microsoft game or not, but it kicks ass for being an older RTS.

    Battle for Middle Earth is pretty good, but it's a bit cheesy in the AI and such.

    I played Age of Empires III some. I like it. It's not my favorite, but a decent one when I get tired of the fantasy based ones I have.

    I am eagerly awaiting the release of Battle for Middle Earth II. It's shaping up to be the fantasy RTS I've always wanted, but no one has ever managed to make. I downloaded the beta last night, so I'm going to try that out tonight. If you have a good machine, and are looking for a fantasy one, you may want to look into that. It gets released on Feb. 28.

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    i honestly havent found an rts that can compare with the amazingness that was starcraft. DoW was good on the fighting side but as sigh could atest to, most of the fun for me is nusring my ocd side and building a perfectly symmetrical base (which DoW cant really do)

    you should see my protoss bases.. its a work of art i tell you!

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    Sweetness, if your into base building and are in the mood for a fantasy RTS, you should look up Battle for Middle Earth II. At least from the movies, it has some of the best base building I've seen so far. Some of the bases they make in the trailers are amazing.

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    Ahh, the good old days of Starcraft. I had a friend that had a nuke build in which he could be nuking away in something like 3-5 minutes (forget the actual number). Nothing like watching a noob's first dragoon roll out to the sound of 'Nuclear launch detected', poof there goes the economy.

    I was "Gunslinger" on SC/BW for years before moving on to WCIII. Me and my buds "Eazye" and "CrazyCuban" were pretty well undefeatable
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    Dragonshard might fit your are good (modern) and gameplay isn't bad...not quite as polished as a Blizzard game...

    Rise of Nations is good but if you don't like the Age of Empires series, you probably won't like that one.

    Warlords Battlecry 2 is a bit long-in-the-tooth, but it's the best of the series, and if you're tired of Warcraft 3, there's enough differences to make Battlecry worthwile.

    Act of War is a relatively recent RTS that's a lot like C&C: Generals. No mages, but if you enjoy C&C, try it.

    Warwind 2 (quite old so graphics are a bit dated...think Warcraft 2) was the most under-rated RTS game ever, in my opinion. A mix of sci-fi and fantasy depending on the faction you choose. Like Starcraft (and most of the RTS games that followed), the factions play completely differently. There's also a hero element like Warcraft 3 where you can develop some of your troops and their leaders. Again, not as polished as Blizzard's stuff...but fairly original and fun...particularly at the time it was released.

    Total Annihilation: Kingdoms has a fantasy theme but I struggled to like that one and now it's old....meanwhile, I still play the sci-fi-themed original Total Annihilation...the game with the most units...ever...people are still making new units for the game...
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    dawn of war is good and u might also like age of empires 3. both are excellent choices.
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    Re: Suggestions for a good RTS? Smile

    DId you know Generals Zero Hour came out- Expansion pack, much better
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    Re: Suggestions for a good RTS?

    i must break you

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    Re: Suggestions for a good RTS?

    Darn it - first one to get through the new spam catcher!
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    Re: Suggestions for a good RTS?

    This is helpful very thread thank you so much is making for happy
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