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    Review: Demigod

    Demigod isn't your typical real-time strategy game, therefore this isn't going to be your typical game review. Normally I'd spend time introducing the game, explaining the setting, the game modes, graphics, options and so on and so forth. I'll briefly cover those things, but instead I wanted to focus on why Demigod is such a unique game, and how it blends a relatively simple premise with an underlying complexity that may not be easily apparent at first glance.

    The story of Demigod is pretty straightforward. A group of demigods (beings more powerful than mere mortals, but not quite at the uppermost level of supreme beings) have been gathered together to battle each other in various arenas in order to determine which demigod shall rise above the rest and join the Ancients. In short, you play as one of eight demigods, your job is to kick the crap out of everyone else and in the process join the ranks of the most powerful gods in existence. Battles take place on any of eight official maps, with up to ten players playing at once (the players are divided among two teams, the forces of light, and the forces of darkness). Game types include conquest (destroy your opponent's citadel), dominate (control strategic flags), slaughter (kill a certain number of opposing demigods to win) and fortress (destroy your opponent's forts). For more about the mechanics of the game, visit here and here. Now that that's settled, let's move on to what sets Demigod apart from other games.

    Often what makes or breaks many strategy games is the problem of micromanagement. Between massive armies that require precise second-to-second control, intense resource gathering and the painstakingly slow agony of constructing buildings and other items, many strategy games feel more like a set of chores rather than something fun to play. Demigod moves away from this dynamic by instead focusing more on an individual character (the demigod you choose to play at any given time), rather than just assembling this massive collection of stuff for the player to control. Game-play is focused on your individual demigod, what skills and attributes you wish to select for each particular battle, the equipment you wish to use, and the general strategy you need to execute in order to defeat your opponent. At the beginning of each battle, your demigod starts out with a blank slate, and through kills, flag captures, etc you gain experience and thus advance in level, up to a maximum of 20. With each level comes the opportunity to select skills and abilities which are unique to every demigod. To keep it simple, all eight demigods vary greatly in their abilities and play-style, and within each demigod is the ability to play the character very differently from one battle to the next. All of this provides a great depth to the game-play, but also a learning curve that will take the average player a few games to master.

    Demigod has been billed somewhat as a "strategy game with role playing elements", and to a certain extent this is an accurate description. The RPG elements of the game are most visible in two areas, the players equipment, and their favor items. The equipment (or inventory if you prefer) is handled in the same fashion as experience, it does not carry over from one arena to the next. Instead, during each battle players collect gold (simply by controlling flags that feature a gold mine), with this resource they can then buy weapons, armor, clothing, scrolls and potions, all of which have a variety of perks that the player may take advantage off (speed boost, more mana, better armor, etc). Similar to the skill tree based upon your experience level, the player can approach their equipment in a different manner for each particular demigod, and adjust it further based on the map being played or the opponents one is up against. On the other hand, favor items are upgrades which you purchase with favor points, which you earn at the end of each battle. Favor items are tied to your main multi-player account, and can therefore be used with any demigod you choose and unlike regular items, they don't need to be repurchased again and again. This dual inventory system (regular equipment plus favor items) provides a good balance between your casual gamer, and the more serious player who spends a lot more time with the game.

    In the end though, Demigod is a strategy game, and so there is a little bit of management that needs to be done. Each side has a set of portals, which are gateways that spawn armies that aid your demigod in battle. The player has no control over these units, but he can increase their armor, and add more powerful creatures to the portal wave through upgrades at the Citadel. The Citadel is basically your main base, if it's destroyed, no matter what game type you're playing you automatically lose the game. Besides upgrading your armies, you can also purchase upgrades that improve your stock defenses, improve gold mining, as well as other perks, all of this is performed via a menu accessed at the Citadel. Decisions such as demigod selection (if you're playing as a team, how it's composed), your method of attack and defense, and even which flags do you defend all come together and play pivotal roles as the battle rages on.

    And yet there's still a lot more to Demigod that I haven't covered. Things like the importance of flags (some provide boosts in experience, cool-downs, etc), the stackable effects of items, strategies for going up against other demigods, and much more. It truly is a unique game, and in many ways takes some of the best elements of both role-playing and strategy games and melds them together. The big question though is whether or not you as a player like this mixture, and it's a hard question to answer as unlike other games where screenshots and videos can give an almost complete picture, in most respects Demigod must be played to be understood. To me personally, it's a solid and well-crafted game that I've enjoyed and would recommend to others to play.
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    Ooh I need to get this demo. Nice review

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    Excellente sir!

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    Can we get a "D" key rating please. That would be greeaaat.

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    Nice Joe !

    Once again I don't think this is a bad game it's a great game, a little difficult at times but no big...My favorite Character is the Torch Bearer....he's freak'n sick.....
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    This is a MP only demo?? Thats the only option I see anyway.

    Nevermind figured it out. A tutorial would be nice though hehe got nfc what Im doing.
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