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Thread: StarCraft 2 Beta This Month, Game Mid-Year

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    StarCraft 2 Beta This Month, Game Mid-Year

    Looks like the day everyone has been waiting for is nearly upon us. Have a look at this bit of StarCraft 2 news:

    Amidst all the electronic cheers, a few details on the updated were also announced to compliment the tour given to gamers via the official site. will be the place to play and experience all Blizzard games, giving gamers the ability to speak to each other across both World of WarCraft realms and even other games. If you're playing StarCraft 2 and your friends are in the middle of a raid, you'll be able to speak to each other. It will also be the place to buy games and add-on content for Blizzard releases; Activision has made clear its lust for higher digital profits.

    "Thousands" of players will be given access to the beta, across North America, Australia, Taiwan, Europe, New Zealand, and Korea. The beta will be used to generate buzz for the game's release, and of course to test all the new features of the updated
    Link - arstechnica

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    Re: StarCraft 2 Beta This Month, Game Mid-Year

    Sweet! About time!
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    did you really just ask if Bo has his cwp?

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    Re: StarCraft 2 Beta This Month, Game Mid-Year

    "Hell, it's about time"

    turkey sandwiches

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    Re: StarCraft 2 Beta This Month, Game Mid-Year

    nom nom nom nom....
    Shotty h4x FTW!!!

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    Re: StarCraft 2 Beta This Month, Game Mid-Year

    YES! later this month.. I hope that means in like.. the next two weeks later. not like, the very end of March... There's a certain FF game commin' out the beginning of next month and i'm going to really have a hard time figuring out what i need to be playing lol...
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