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Thread: Public Schools are the best

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    Re: Public Schools are the best

    Quote Originally Posted by DennyCrane View Post
    Well, that's tipping the scale too far the other way. You might as well say height is a social construct. Race, height, hair color... they just ARE. It's people with an agenda who say different.
    And now gender. This "Gender neutral" bullshit and trying to let kids grow up COMPLETELY neutral and without any identity or guidance... yet another thing they are trying to strip people of. that really infuriates me, as that is a form of child abuse, or as I like to call it a form of passive brainwashing or stunting... as are a lot of these other retarded ideas. sure keeps therapists in business though

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    Re: Public Schools are the best

    Well, then they can decide for themselves... with no role models or anything to guide them - except TV and Movies!!! Yay!!

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    Re: Public Schools are the best

    but don't forget public school!
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