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Welcome to the StrafeRight Newsletter!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We gave up looking for a joke to use in the newsletter - there's only so many times you can read the one about the six legged turkey. So all we'll say is that we hope you have a happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

In this release we've E.Willy stepping up to the interview chair, checking out the new threads in the gaming forum. In the GameStore, you'll find a promotion for Strategy First and some pirate heaven with Tropico 4 and Port Royale.

November Game Threads
Threads posted this month worth checking out include:
  • Natural Selection 2 - This sounds like a glorious romp, one half of the players are human, one half alien and may the best side win,
  • Elder Scrolls Online - FuzzyLogik's posted up some more pics!
  • KickStarter - Always worth checking out this thread in case you spot any promising new developments, this month MisterX spotted Elite is getting a successor,
  • Firefall - YankeeDeuce spotted that Firefall are looking for Beta Testers for "Operation Population Control" at the end of the month,
  • Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Christmas Deal Thread - Want to be kept up to date with the latest gaming deals, check out our new thread!

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It's All About You!
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All About You: E.Willy

A new volunteer! With only minor encouragement from Teck (it didn't go as far as pretty please) E.Willy got comfy in the interview chair for this month's
All About You blog post.

Attracted in by the red skin, back in the early days of BF2, and enticed to stay by the atmosphere and community, E.Willy has been with sR since 2006.

From Super Mario Bros. as his first video game moment, E.Willy now focuses on strategy games, and although they come in many types in the past month Steam's spotted a focus on one game.

As excellent as all the pieces of tech mentioned over the past year in the newsletter, I think my favourite is this one, seriously...I want one...

If E.Willy disappears mysteriously one evening, we'll know it's because he reached the magic number on calling Teck a hippie! hippie smilie

If you're interested in answering the questions or volunteering someone for the interview chair (before you're asked), just send a pm to Ohmigosh.

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StrafeRight Photography Thread
Image for Photography thread

It's been a while since we talked about the Photography Thread but if you've not checked it reacently it's worth checking out.

From a seriously horrible looking spider, to spots on camera deals for Christmas presents, Tubecat and a great idea for a photo essay there's been a lot of chat over the past couple of months.

And the latest update, a StrafeRighter had two winning entries in a 2012 DND (Department of National Defence) Photo Contest. Check them out - seriously impressive pics!

(Pic courtesy of Ohmigosh, one of the few taken this summer without a thumb in the frame!)

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Smilie image

We opened up some seasonal smilies last Christmas and as it's coming round to that time of year again it got us thinking.

Are there any smilies that you haven't seen for a while that you'd like to be made available again or are there any new smilies that you'd like brought into the forums?

Just give us a shout out in the Community Forum about this or any other suggestions you have.

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Your Newsletter
Have something to share? Got a review or fancy getting involved in the newsletter?

We're looking for your blog posts, whether it is about security issues, game reviews, industry stories or something that you want to share with the community.

Send a pm to ohmigosh or post in the Community Forum.

Follow us on Twitter @StrafeRight

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Tropico 4: Pirate Heaven DLC
game image for Tropico4

Ahoy, me Hearties! Turn your island into a pirate haven, the Tortuga of modern times!

Abducting ships for ransom, pillaging and plundering is a surefire way to worsen your relations with the foreign powers, so you will have to take special measures to prevent an invasion.

The new smuggler's hut building allows imports even during an embargo but at higher prices, don a pirate queen outfit and use the sailor trait for increased ship traffic and a boost to all naval-themed buildings.

Download button

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Strategy First Promotion
game image for Strategy First Promotion

Save 50% on some of Strategy First's most popular titles! The sale ends Monday, November 26, 2012.

  • Alpha Polaris puts you in frosty Greenland for a chilling murderous adventure.
  • Go off-road to compete in destruction racing events with the FlatOut series
  • Oust a merciless dictator in Jagged Alliance and the Jagged Alliance 2 Gold pack.
  • Practice World War II tactical warfare with Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord and Barbarossa to Berlin or the Strategic Command series.
  • Or go back further to World War I for aerial combat by playing Rise of Flight: Iron Cross Edition.

Download button

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Port Royale 3: Dawn of Pirates DLC
game image for Port Royale

Dawn of Pirates offers you a whole new singleplayer-campaign, in which you can make some trouble in the Caribbean as a pirate.

You will start your raids from your own hideout but cities may be restricted to you. Your aim in Dawn of Pirates is to become the most notorious pirate in the Caribbean by raiding and plundering.

Depending on how fast and successful you will complete this campaign you will gain a high score which you then can compare with other players using an online ranking list.

What be you waitin' for? Set Sail!

Download button

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Cities in Motion London City
game image for Cities in Motion

Strike a Light, Guv'nor! The latest in the Cities in Motion franchise has you designing transportation for London, the smokey, foggy city on the River Thames.

Its narrow streets and bridges pose a series of new challenges for public transportation. Citizens travel to the city center for work every day and return home in the evening. This creates a high demand for working lines and many different types of vehicles.

Are you up for the challenge?

To help you, the expansion includes a large map with Parisian-style architecture, a new campaign plus three scenarios and four all-new vehicles for use in any "Cities in Motion" city.

Download button

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